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How to Build Consumer Trust

The production of dietary supplements is a huge market segment with high competition and constantly changing conditions. To keep the sales of your dietary supplement at the right level, you will have to constantly compete for buyers by garnering their attention.

One of the surest ways is to build genuine trust in your product. But how to do that? After all, now people, especially in Europe, are wary of any goods, let alone cosmetics and nutritional supplements. In addition, there is the Internet – an open space in which you can find any information: from the phenomenal results of a particular product or its component to negative reviews, from the undoubted benefits of dietary supplements to their unequivocal harm.

You can tum this bias of buyers to your advantage – it is enough to carefully develop the dietary supplement composition and properly conduct its certification.

Correct Formulation

The secret to developing the correct formulation is not only finding the optimal combination of ingredients that will bring tangible results to the customer. The important part of the product or its basis should be the so-called wow-components, which are currently popular, considered exclusive, or which buyers have not even heard of before.

Interest in specific ingredients is temporary and depends on many factors: trends in the medical and advertising fields, scientific research data and viral fake news, seasons, recommendations of stars, etc. By constantly monitoring what your target audience is doing and interested in, you will be able to offer something that will be in demand and stay ahead of the competition. And even set trends.

When a new component or complex appears on the nutritional supplement market, positive reviews accumulate faster than negative ones. This stimulates demand, regardless of the efficacy of the novelty. If you catch this "wave", ​​you’ll get every chance to make a reputation as a manufacturer of quality goods. Or just earn money if the new product doesn’t show phenomenal results in practice.

The main thing here is not to delay the release of a new product on the market in order to get ahead of your competitors. That is why contract manufacturing of cosmetics and dietary supplements is now so common – you can fully focus on brand promotion without wasting your time and resources on manufacturing, packaging and delivery.


Regardless of whether you manufacture dietary supplements independently or through outsourcing, it is necessary to register and certify it correctly.

Firstly, this would avoid troubles with the law and scandals – as you know, each country has its own regulatory rules. A fully legalized product is easier to advertise, transport and sell. For example, products manufactured and certified in the EU automatically receive a credit of trust in other countries. Moreover, you can produce the products of various forms and price categories using a once registered composition.

Secondly, a certified composition based on scientifically proven efficacy is a significant advantage for your target audience. The modern consumer is still rather naive, but increasingly chooses the latter between fashion trends, recommendations of opinion leaders and the evidence base.

Certifying dietary supplements and cosmetics is no easier than keeping track of consumers and competitors. Contrary to expectations, the execute-and-forget principle does not apply here, since the legislation is evolving rapidly, the requirements for equipment and materials are increasing, and the new prohibitions against the use of certain components are issued. In addition, you can decide to change the formulation or add a new product to the line.

This is another reason to sign a Manufacturing Agreement for your brand dietary supplement with MillMax – we’ll take over all its legalization issues.

Outsourcing manufacturing of dietary supplements is an area that we can proudly call our own. We don’t just develop formulations, produce creams and nutritional supplements and certify them. But we also promote products on the market with fully developing a marketing strategy: from idea and naming to package design and positioning in specific countries.

It doesn’t matter if you have a ready-made dietary supplement or just an idea – we’ll select the optimal roadmap for further actions, give competent recommendations for promotion and answer even the most difficult questions. And all this to make your brand successful on the market!