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Trademark development

We consider the production of dietary supplements and cosmetics to be a complex process, including both manufacturing of goods and concept creation for its promotion on the market. Therefore, we are engaged not only in formulation development, production and paperwork, but also in the development of trademarks.

Our department of creators is ready to create a full image of your product or develop its individual components. If you only have an idea for a product, we will conduct marketing research to understand the possible target audience and promotion prospects.

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Why product image matters

In the modern market of cosmetics and dietary supplements, there is fierce competition between brands for a place in the minds of buyers. Your product should not only stand out, but also make consumers feel like it was made for them. A simple description of properties is not enough, you need to understand the attitude of the target audience and build a dialogue with them.

Development of packaging, name, logo and other image elements are important stages of preparation for the dialogue on which the fate of a product on the market largely depends.

How we develop trademarks

Trademark development is a creative but complex process that must take into account the specifics of the market and the latest marketing trends. Our marketers, designers, copywriters and web developers perform the assigned tasks quickly and efficiently, because the production of dietary supplements and cosmetics is their specialization.

The development process has several stages:

  • Writing a brief. It contains all the initial information about the product (idea, target audience, features, positioning etc.) and the company (market position, competitors, consumer attitudes, communication channels etc.)
  • Analyzing initial data. We see opportunities for growth and the potential for brand disclosure, we understand the target audience and methods of influencing it. If necessary, we carry out additional marketing research.
  • Carrying out work. Based on the collected data, our specialists develop several versions of the future trademark and test it in focus groups. We present the most successful ones to you and make corrections if necessary.
  • Checking uniqueness. We conduct a search in special databases and make sure that your trademark is not similar to those already registered. This is important not only for rights registration, but also for competent detuning from competitors.
  • Providing results. When we find the perfect option, the one that you like, the one that correctly affects the target audience and is unique, we finally approve it and pass it on to you.

What your trademark is going to look like

We are ready to perform both standard tasks (packaging design, creation of a soundtrack or video sequence), and unusual projects (creating and registering a branded scent, holographic and volumetric signs, developing the shape of a product).

If you choose to work with us, you will get a unique and recognizable trademark that consumers will definitely remember!

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