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Cosmetics manufacturing

MillMax provides comprehensive services for the production of cosmetics. Contact us and we will offer a product idea, develop a formulation, find suppliers of ingredients, manufacture the product and even process all legal matters. The MillMax plant is located in Latvia, therefore all cosmetics are produced in accordance with European standards.

Private label cosmetics manufacturing

Private label production of cosmetics will save you from the need to look for narrow-profile specialists and reliable suppliers of raw materials, rent production facilities and control each process. Delegate this to us in order to use the free time to promote the future line of cosmetics.

Create a personal brand

Quality manufacturing

MillMax is fully responsible for the quality of its products, therefore, each stage of cosmetics production is strictly controlled. We regularly update equipment and improve the qualifications of our employees, monitor the relevance of formulationd and also purchase raw materials exclusively from reliable suppliers.

Custom manufacturing

Entrust the business to professionals by delegating manufacturing of your cosmetics to MillMax. Our experience, knowledge and production capacity allow us to create quality, safe and competitive products. We produce cosmetics in accordance with all EU standards but, if necessary, we can adapt the product to the legislation of any country.

Contract manufacturing

Signing a contract for the production of cosmetics is a great solution for brand owners who want to get a good product within a clearly agreed time frame. You can transfer to MillMax both individual processes and the entire production cycle of cosmetics.

Outsource manufacturing

Want to launch your line of face, body or hair care products faster? Contact MillMax to outsource any production processes.We have all the necessary facilities and qualified personnel for this.

Packing solutions

Cosmetics packaging must reliably protect the product from external damage and contain all the necessary information about the composition, manufacturer and shelf life. MillMax offers packaging options such as glass bottles, vials, tubes, jars and cartons.

Forms of products

The form of release of cosmetic products depends on what exactly a particular product is intended for - face, hair or the whole body. We can create care cosmetics in any form convenient for you - gel, cream, balm, lotion, serum, spray, emulsion, oil or powder.

Best cosmetics manufacturing

MillMax produces cosmetics only from the best raw materials from trusted suppliers. The plant is equipped with the most modern technology which undergoes regular technical inspection and the employees are professionals in their field with impressive experience. All products made by us are safe and meet European as well as international quality standards.

Best private label cosmetics manufacturer

Are you looking for a reliable private label cosmetics manufacturer for fruitful cooperation? See if they can offer you the following:

1. Quality

The creation of each cosmetic product requires high-quality raw materials, knowledge of highly qualified specialists and modern equipment. Only the combination of these three factors guarantees a truly worthwhile product and MillMax meets these requirements perfectly. MillMax cosmetics is manufactured according to EU standards, but can be adapted to the norms of any country.

2. Certification

Want to attract even more customers? Show them how your line of cosmetics differs from analogues. International quality certificates will help you with this and we will help you to obtain them, including Vegan, Cruelty-free, Organic and others.

3. Build a personal brand

A strong brand increases awareness, fosters emotional attachment and thus significantly increases the sales of your cosmetics line. Contact MillMax and get a marketing analysis of the market, well-developed positioning, effective naming and bright branding.

4. Work with all volumes

MillMax works with any volume of orders. Our production capacity allows us to produce up to 10,000 product units per shift.

5. Formulation developmen

The formulation of a cosmetic product must not only provide the action declared in the properties of the product, but also be successfully registered. We will help you develop a completely new formulation, create an analogue of existing products or adapt the cosmetics formulation to the legislation of a particular country.

6. Standards

All cosmetics of our production comply with regulations No 1223/2009 and ISO 22716: 2007, so you can rest assured of its quality and safety.

How to choose packaging for cosmetics

The choice of packaging for cosmetics directly depends on the form of a particular product (gel, cream, oil, powder..) and your personal preferences. These can be glass bottles, vials, tubes, jars and cardboard boxes.

Raw materials for cosmetics

MillMax cooperates only with reliable suppliers of raw materials who provide us with everything we need on time. A small stock of components is always kept in our warehouses, which guarantees uninterrupted production and the ability to take an urgent order for a batch of cosmetics.