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 Sports Nutrition
 Amino Acid

Manufacturing of bodybuilding supplements

MillMax will take over and carefully monitor every step of the production of sports supplements for bodybuilding. We will finalize the idea, prepare the formulation, select the best raw materials, manufacture and package the finished product and also arrange all legal issues.

Private label bodybuilding supplement manufacturing

If you want to create sport supplements from scratch and do not want to waste time setting up production processes, contact the private label MillMax manufacturer for help. We will develop or adapt the required formulation, manufacture products under your name, pack them in packages and help you obtain quality and safety certificates.

Create a personal brand

Quality manufacturing

The production of sport supplements for bodybuilding is a responsible and time-consuming process. To create a really good product, MillMax monitors every stage of its production - from the receipt of raw materials to the packaging of the finished product. We constantly update equipment, study new technologies and improve the qualifications of our employees.

Custom manufacturing

Do you have a bodybuilding supplement idea, a TM registered or even established processes? Contact us to cover your production needs. MillMax is open to cooperation in the framework of outsourcing, contract or private label production.

Contract manufacturing

Contract manufacturing is a great solution for brand owners looking to launch their line of bodybuilding sports supplements but do not have the capacity to do so. With MillMax, you will forget about finding and renting production space, purchasing equipment and setting up technological processes.

Outsource manufacturing

By outsourcing bodybuilding supplements, you outsource the business to professionals. This allows you to optimize time and significantly speed up the process of bringing a new product to market.

Packing solutions

The packaging must contain all the necessary information about the product (composition, manufacturer, expiration date) and protect it from external damage. At MillMax, we adhere to both of these rules and pack bodybuilding supplements in bottles, vials, zip bags, jars and cartons.

Forms of products

Sport supplements for bodybuilders are not limited in form of release, but the most popular ones are powders and capsules. Other options include tablets, bars and liquids.

Best bodybuilding supplement manufacturing

We are responsible for the quality of the product, therefore we cooperate only with experienced specialists, use the most modern equipment and always check the raw materials before use.

Best private label bodybuilding supplement manufacturer

Looking for a trusted private label bodybuilding supplement manufacturer? Pay attention to the following points:

1. Quality

Every MillMax employee, from chemist to engineer, has a specialized education and relevant work experience. The raw materials from which bodybuilding supplements are made are of high quality and proven and the equipment on which everything is created is modern. This is the only way to make truly high-quality products.

2. Certification

The choice of sports nutrition is huge and such additional certificates as Vegan, Gluten-free, Cruelty-free, Non-GMO, EU Organic Bio and others that we will help you get will help you show your competitive advantage.

3. Build a personal brand

A strong brand is one of the key factors behind the success of bodybuilding supplements. Contact MillMax and we will help you with marketing analysis of the market, positioning, naming and branding.

4. Work with all volumes

We work with both large and small companies, fulfilling orders of any size. Our production capacity allows us to produce up to 10,000 product units per shift.

5. Formulation development

MillMax specialists create bodybuilding supplements that fully comply with the declared properties and are successfully registered. Depending on your wishes, we can develop a completely new formulation from scratch, update an old recipe or adapt popular products to the legislation of a particular country.

6. Standards

Supplements for bodybuilding of our production comply with European regulations No 178/2002, No 852/2004, No 853/2004, ISO 22000. The obtained certificates help to enter the sports food market legally as well as gain the trust of potential customers.

How to choose packaging for bodybuilding supplements

When choosing the form of your line of bodybuilding supplements, be guided by the wishes of the target audience. Most often these are powders, capsules, tablets, bars, and liquid forms. We can pack finished products in bottles, vials, zip-bags, jars and cardboard boxes.

Raw materials for bodybuilding supplements

When producing supplements for bodybuilding, we select raw materials of predominantly natural origin. Every batch that we use undergoes rigorous quality and safety controls. Many components are stored directly in our warehouses, which allows us to use them at any time and to fulfill even the most urgent orders.