Private label manufacturing

Millmax produces products for private labels. This ensures the exclusivity of the product and gives the customer ample opportunities for product personalization. The plant, which operates on the territory of the European Union, complies with high quality standards, and the production conditions comply with all legal norms.

Manufacturer in Europe

The new Millmax European plant is designed to meet all EU regulations. Modern equipment allows us to maintain high productivity, control quality and guarantee product safety. Millmax has an innovative production line, the best powder mixers, filling complexes, as well as modern packaging machines.

The staff consists of highly qualified employees. Each of them is a professional in their field with many years of experience in the creation of cosmetic and food products. Well-established interaction algorithms and impressive experience in promoting products in different countries make Millmax the best partner for private labels.

What can we manufacture?

Dozens of items are created at the Millmax plant. We manufacture cosmetic products, vitamins, sports and dietary supplements under the client's brand. The plant’s capacity allows us to produce about 300 kg of cream, 1500 kg of powders and 200 liters of drops per day — these are some of the most popular forms of production.

At the plant, there is a laboratory that develops formulas. Experts will help you improve existing recipes or create new ones from scratch upon request, taking into account all your requirements and wishes. As a result, you get a completely unique product that meets all EU standards and is easily registered in the countries of the intended sale.


Millmax produces many vitamins and vitamin complexes. If you already have a finished product and want to expand the line, ordering new items for your brand is the best solution.

Collaboration with Millmax is right for you if you are planning to boost production and enter a new market. You will receive dietary supplements and cosmetics in compliance with all EU quality standards.

You can choose any of the product forms available. At the Millmax plant, vitamins are produced in tablets and pops of different diameters, capsules, dragees, powders or in liquid form (solutions, syrups, tinctures or extracts).

Sport supplement

We will create high-quality sports supplements for your brand. Protein, creatine, fat burners and supplements to maintain a healthy lifestyle. We manufacture products in accordance with all requirements of European legislation. We pay special attention to the packaging of products which must be meaningful. It is necessary to place all important information on it: brand, logo, address of production and legal address of the company, data on nutrients, unique and useful properties of the product.


Millmax manufactures cosmetics for private labels. Order the creation of a product with a unique composition — this will make the product exclusive and distinguish it from competitors. Cosmetics are produced in any form: in the form of a gel, cream, balm, spray, oil or powder. The specialists of our laboratory will develop a cosmetic product with a unique recipe. Each new product is carefully checked for compliance with current EU requirements.

Pet supplement manufacturing

At Millmax, you can order the production of dietary supplements or vitamins for animals. We control every stage of the process, update equipment and constantly improve our skills to ensure high quality and safety of production. We will create a unique pet supplement formula or create a product on the basis of a ready-made one in the shortest possible time and at the lowest price.

Your Project: our solutions

Why you should contact Millmax for your branded products:

  1. Full service

    We provide service in all directions, whether it is analysis, formula development, testing, selection of raw materials, preparation of documentation or product registration. We help to improve the existing recipe and create a unique product. Also, thanks to Millmax, you can get additional quality certificates.

  2. Formula base

    The Millmax plant has an extensive database of ready-made formulas that we use for the production of cosmetics, supplements and vitamins. Having ordered a product based on our developments, you will be able to receive the first batches of products in a short time and be sure that all European standards are observed during their production.

  3. Creative studio

    We provide marketing, design and website development services. Specialists will improve your trademark or create branding for it from scratch. The studio offers creative and modern designs for new packaging, and can also improve the old design of your product.

  4. Maintenance

    We go through each stage with you, without losing any important detail. We provide support at all stages of production: from the selection of raw materials and materials for packaging to the moment when the product under your brand name hits the store shelves.