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 Sports Nutrition
 Amino Acid

Creatine manufacturing

MillMax, a Latvian plant, provides complex services for the production of creatine. We will undertake the selection of suppliers of raw materials, direct manufacturing and packaging of products. We will also help you register a trademark and issue the necessary certificates.

Private label creatine

Private label production of creatine is a great way to realize your ideas without worrying about finding and buying equipment, renting production facilities and hiring qualified specialists. We will take care of all routine processes and you can invest your energy in the most important thing - the development of your business.

Create a personal brand

Quality manufacturing

We control every stage of creatine production - from the purchase of raw materials to the packaging of finished products. Our work is built according to the standards of the European Union, therefore, all products receive certificates of quality that are mandatory for the EU.

Custom manufacturing

With MillMax, you will be able to create creatine, regardless of the source. If you have only an idea, order a full production cycle under a private label. If you managed to register a TM, developed a formulation or even established some processes, sign a contract with MillMax and outsource the remaining tasks.

Contract manufacturing

Looking to scale up or optimize your creatine production processes? Delegate this task to MillMax. Our manufacturing processes are accurate and streamlined, so you can get quality, safe and competitive products.

Outsource manufacturing

By handing over the production of creatine to professional outsourcing manufacturers, you will significantly save your time and will be able to use it to increase the profitability of your business. We will make cool products that will successfully pass certification and enter the EU market.

Packing solutions

It is important not only to produce creatine correctly, but also to package it properly. Good packaging has three important things to do. First, it should ensure the complete safety of the product. Second, it should contain detailed information about the composition, manufacturer and shelf life. Third, it should attract the attention of potential customers and differentiate itself favorably from competitors' products. We can pack ready-made creatine in jars, zip-bags, blisters and cardboard boxes.

Forms of products

The effectiveness of creatine does not depend on the form of release. However, most sports nutrition consumers prefer to take it in powder form. Other options include capsules, ready-made cocktails and bars.

Best creatine manufacturing

We know how to select quality raw materials, manufacture and package creatine as well as keep the finished product in proper conditions. All our equipment is new and technologically advanced, our employees are experienced and qualified and our methods are progressive.

Best private label creatine manufacturer

Wondering how to determine the best private label creatine manufacturer? Pay attention to the following important points:

1. Quality

The MillMax plant is equipped with modern equipment and the best specialists are responsible for the selection of ingredients and the manufacture of creatine. This allows us to work in accordance with all EU standards and create a truly worthy product.

2. Certification

Show how you differ from the competition to win the market. One way to do this is to obtain such additional international certifications as Vegan, Non-GMO, EU Organic Bio, and others.

3. Build a personal brand

The shelves in stores and fitness centers are filled with creatine and it will take a strong brand to stand out from this variety. We will help you to declare yourself. We will conduct a marketing analysis of the market as well as develop naming and packaging design.

4. Work with all volumes

We accept orders for the manufacture of creatine in any volume. Our production capacity allows us to produce up to 10,000 product units per shift.

5. Formulation development

Tell us what your line of creatine should look like and on the basis of this we will develop a completely new formulation, create an analogue of an existing one or adapt your formulation to the legislation of the target country.

6. Standards

We take a responsible attitude to quality and safety, therefore all creatine of our production complies with European regulations No 178/2002, No 852/2004, No 853/2004, ISO 22000. This helps you to legalize the product and inspire confidence in your consumer.

How to choose packaging for creatine

Packaging for creatine directly depends on its form of release. When making a decision, be guided by the wishes of the target audience. Most often, they prefer powder, capsules, tablets and bars. We can pack finished products in jars, zip-bags, blisters and cardboard boxes.

Raw materials for creatine

To manufacture creatine, we select raw materials of predominantly natural origin. Many components are stored directly in our warehouses, allowing us to take on even the most urgent orders.