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Skincare cosmetics manufacturing

The MillMax company offers services for the complex production of skin care cosmetics. We will develop a formulation, select the best ingredients, manufacture and package finished products. The factory is located in Latvia and all cosmetics products are manufactured in accordance with European standards.

Private label skin care cosmetics manufacturing

The production of skin care cosmetics under a private label is an excellent solution for entrepreneurs who have a vision for new products, but do not have enough production capacity to create them. By delegating this task to MillMax, you save yourself from routine tasks and can devote more time to promoting future goods.

Create a personal brand

Quality manufacturing

MillMax controls every stage of production - from the selection of raw materials to packaging of finished cosmetics. We regularly update equipment, improve the qualifications of our employees and also use the most technologically advanced methods, so that you can be sure of the quality and safety of the finished product.

Custom manufacturing

MillMax offers companies cooperation in the format of outsourcing, contract or private label production. You can delegate to us both specific processes and the full cycle of cosmetics production. In any case, you will receive a high-quality finished or intermediate product.

Contract manufacturing

To launch your own line of facial cosmetics, sign a contract with MillMax and you will receive a quality product just in time. We will prepare raw materials, grind and mix them, achieve a homogeneous consistency, pack ready-made cosmetics into packages and help to obtain the necessary certificates.

Outsource manufacturing

Why waste time on something that can be delegated to professionals and give an even better result? Delegate routine production tasks to MillMax and concentrate on the main thing - growing your business. We will produce a safe and competitive product, ready to enter the market.

Packing solutions

Packaging of skin care cosmetics must be durable (in order to preserve the product itself), effective and, most importantly, informative. It should contain data on the composition, purpose, manufacturer and shelf life. As for the form of packaging, it can be glass bottles, vials, tubes, jars or cardboard boxes.

Forms of products

Form of release of cosmetics depends on the purpose of a particular product, the preferences of the target audience and your personal wishes. We can create skin care cosmetics in any form convenient for you - gels, creams, balms, lotions, serums, sprays, emulsions, oils or powders.

Best skin care cosmetics manufacturing

MillMax is responsible for the production of skin care cosmetics. Therefore, we choose proven raw materials from reliable suppliers, regularly improve equipment in workshops and laboratories and cooperate only with professionals in their field. All this allows us to create products that meet European and international quality standards.

Best private label skin care cosmetics manufacturer

Are you choosing a reliable manufacturer of skin care cosmetics for your private label? Make sure they are able to offer you the following:

1. Quality

Knowledge and experience are the main prerequisites for creating high-quality skin care cosmetics. Every MillMax employee, from chemist to packer, has the necessary education and relevant work experience. Our production facilities are equipped with modern technology and the ingredients for creating cosmetics are carefully selected and rechecked.

2. Certification

Consumers choose facial cosmetics with even more caution than other skincare products. Earn your trust with the international quality certifications we can help you get, including Vegan, Cruelty-free, Organic and more.

3. Build Personal Brand

It is easier for a strong cosmetics brand to reach potential customers and, as a result, increase sales. Contact MillMax and we will help you with marketing analysis of the market, well-developed positioning, memorable naming and recognizable branding.

4. Work with all volumes

MillMax works with both small and large companies, fulfilling orders of all sizes. Our production capacity allows us to manufacture up to 10,000 product units per shift.

5. Formulation development

We can develop a formulation for skin care cosmetics in any format convenient for you. We can:

  • create a new formulation from scratch,
  • update an existing composition,
  • adapt popular products to your wishes.
6. Standards

All our products (including skin care cosmetics) comply with European regulations No 1223/2009 and ISO 22716: 2007. This allows us to be confident in their quality and safety.

How to choose packaging for skin care cosmetics

The choice of packaging for skin care cosmetics depends on the form of the product itself and your wishes. MillMax offers such options as glass bottles, vials, tubes, jars and cartons.

Raw materials for skin care cosmetics

To manufacture skin care cosmetics, we use ingredients of natural origin, each batch of which has passed an additional quality check. Many types of raw materials are stored directly in our warehouses, which allows us to use them at any moment and take on the execution of even the most urgent orders.