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Body care cosmetics manufacturing

MillMax offers a comprehensive production service for body cosmetics. This means that we can take care of all the worries about bringing a new product to the market - formulation development, selection of reliable suppliers of raw materials, production and packaging of products. Our production facilities are located in Latvia, therefore all products are manufactured in accordance with EU standards.

Private label body care cosmetics manufacturing

The production of private label body cosmetics is an excellent opportunity to launch your own line of care products from scratch. Contact MillMax to get expert assistance at all stages of production and get a quality product at the end.

Create a personal brand

Quality manufacturing

Qualified employees, reliable suppliers, sophisticated work schemes, modern equipment, knowledge of documentation and experience in obtaining the necessary certification - MillMax has everything you need to produce competitive body cosmetics.

Custom manufacturing

Launching a new line of cosmetics from scratch or optimizing the production processes of an existing brand? With MillMax, you can do both within the framework of private label collaboration, outsourcing or contract manufacturing. Technologies, equipment, qualified personnel - we have everything to create a quality finished or intermediate product.

Contract manufacturing

Sign a contract with MillMax and ensure the high-quality execution of such processes as the purchase and inspection of raw materials, their grinding and mixing, bringing the product to a uniform consistency, picking and packaging of finished body care cosmetics.

Outsource manufacturing

The production of body care cosmetics is a very resource-intensive process. Rent of premises, purchase of equipment, search and training of personnel can delay the release of cosmetics to the market. Outsource some tasks to speed up technological processes and be confident in the quality of the initial product.

Packing solutions

The packaging of body care cosmetics must be durable enough so as not to damage the contents. It should also be informative and contain all the necessary data on the composition, purpose, manufacturer and shelf life of the product. As for the packaging format, it all depends on the type of product that needs to be placed there. For body care cosmetics, MillMax provides glass bottles, vials, tubes, jars and cardboard boxes.

Forms of products

Body care products come in a variety of forms. For example, it can be a gel, cream, ointment, balm, lotion, serum, spray, emulsion, oil or powder. All of these options are available at MillMax.

Best body care cosmetics manufacturing

MillMax is responsible for the quality of its products. Therefore, our employees are professionals in their field, production facilities are equipped with modern technology and the ingredients used are checked before use. All this allows us to create products that meet European and international standards.

Best private label body care cosmetics manufacturer

Are you looking for which production to entrust the production of body care cosmetics under your private label? Check if they can offer the following to you:

1. Quality

In its work, MillMax is guided by European production standards. Our workshops and laboratory are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment that undergoes regular technical inspections. Our employees are highly qualified specialists with relevant education and experience. Raw materials that we purchase are carefully selected and rechecked in the laboratory before use.

2. Certification

Customers have specific requirements for body care cosmetics and choose it with the appropriate care. Show them that your product is reliable. This will be facilitated by such international quality certificates as Vegan, Cruelty-free, Organic and others that we will help you get.

3. Build a personal brand

No matter how effective your body care cosmetics is, you must first grab the attention of potential customers. And nothing can do this better than a memorable brand. Contact MillMax and we will conduct a marketing analysis of the market, work out positioning and create a catchy naming and recognizable branding.

4. Work with all volumes

MillMax cooperates with both small and large companies and takes on orders of any scale. Our capacities allow us to manufacture up to 10,000 product units per shift.

5. Formulation development

Before starting the development of a body care cosmetics line, you need to decide on its formulation. We can:

  • create a new formulation from scratch,
  • update old compositions,
  • adapt popular products to your wishes.
6. Standards

Body care cosmetics of our production comply with the regulations No 1223/2009 and ISO 22716: 2007. This guarantees the quality and safety of the product as well as its legal entry into the market.

How to choose packaging for body care cosmetics

The packaging of body cosmetics must match the shape of the product itself. We can offer the following types of packaging: glass bottles, vials, tubes, jars and cardboard boxes.

Raw materials for body care cosmetics

The fewer chemical components there are in body care cosmetics, the more popular it will be among customers. Therefore, in our production, we use raw materials mainly of natural origin.