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Vitamin manufacturing

The Latvian plant Millmax provides a full cycle of turnkey production of vitamins. By working with us, you can accelerate new product launches and focus on marketing and sales, thereby increasing your competitiveness.

Private Label supplement manufacturing

Private label production of vitamins will allow you to implement any idea from scratch. MillMax specialists will develop a formulation, find reliable suppliers of raw materials, create branded packaging, produce and pack products as well as help register a trademark and obtain all the necessary certificates under your brand.

Create a personal brand

Quality manufacturing

We carry out quality control at all stages of production – from purchasing raw materials and their processing to the shipment of products to your warehouse. Millmax specialists carry out a mandatory check of each batch of raw materials and finished products, which guarantees successful examinations as well as ensures the safety and quality of finished products.

Custom manufacturing

The production of vitamins to order can take place in the format of outsourcing, contract production or private label production. You can contact MillMax at any stage of the company's development – at the very beginning when there is only an idea, with a registered TM and a ready-made formulation, or with already built processes that need to be optimized.

Contract manufacturing

Contract manufacturing is a type of cooperation in which you can delegate both a separate technological process and a complete production cycle. Do you already have a brand and a developed formulation? Contract MillMax to scale your business or expand your vitamin portfolio.

Outsource manufacturing

Manufacturing outsourcing is an excellent opportunity to place specific vitamin production processes in the hands of MillMax specialists. This will allow you to create a product using the most technologically advanced equipment and techniques that increase productivity and profitability of production.

Packing solutions

Great packaging of vitamins must meet several requirements at once. On the one hand, it should ensure the safety of the product and contain information about the composition, manufacturer and shelf life. On the other hand, it should attract the attention of consumers and distinguish your TM from competitors. MillMax produces vitamins in the following packages:

  • Blisters,
  • Strips,
  • Sticks,
  • Sachet,
  • Glass bottles and vials,
  • Zip packages,
  • Flow packs,
  • Effervescent tablet tubes,
  • Cases,
  • Cardboard packs.

Forms of products

Studies show that the effectiveness of vitamins does not depend on their form. Therefore, when making a choice, you should focus on the consumer and personal preferences. MillMax produces vitamins in the following forms:

  • Pills: effervescent, round, oval;
  • Capsules and dragees: hard and soft (with liquid content);
  • Liquid forms: solutions, syrups, tinctures, extracts;
  • Powders.

Best vitamin production

In the production of vitamins, we use high-quality equipment for the preparation and mixing of raw materials, tableting or encapsulation as well as picking and packaging of vitamins. We also check that the product complies with the formulation and the production process itself complies with sanitary and epidemiological standards. To do this, we are guided by international quality and safety standards.

Best private label vitamin manufacturer

How to choose the best private label vitamin manufacturer? Check our checklist.

1. Quality production

MillMax works in accordance with all EU standards. We use only high-quality raw materials from reliable suppliers and modern equipment, we attract the best specialists and carry out laboratory control at all stages of production.

2. Certification

We produce vitamins that will pass all the necessary quality and safety certifications relevant to your target region. MillMax will also help you gain an additional competitive advantage by adhering to standards such as Lactose Free, Gluten Free, EU Organic Bio and others.

3. Creation of a personal brand

We will develop your personal brand for vitamins. We will conduct a marketing analysis of the market, create a naming, package design and even contribute to promotion. We will also help with legal registration - trademark registration and product certification.

4. Work with any production volume

We work with any volume of vitamin production - both in small batches and in large ones. Our capacities allow us to produce up to 10,000 product units per shift. At the same time, we can provide you not only with a full production cycle, but also with individual services.

5. Formulation development

We develop both completely new formulations of vitamins and create analogs of existing ones as well as adapt recipes to local legislation. You just need to provide the desired characteristics and wow ingredients and we ourselves will select reliable suppliers of raw materials and control the entire production process.

6. Standards

All our products are manufactured according to international and European standards - regulations (EU) No 178/2002, No 852/2004, No 853/2004, ISO 22000. We personally carry out quality control at each production stage. This means that you can be sure that your vitamins will be of high quality, safe and legal.

How to choose packaging for vitamins

To choose the right packaging for vitamins, you need to take into account two factors at once - the shape of the product and the type of packaging material. At the MillMax plant, vitamins are produced in the form of tablets, capsules, dragees, powder and also in liquid forms. Among packaging options available, there are blisters, strips, sticks, sachets, glass bottles, zip bags and flow packs, tubes, cases and cardboard boxes.

Raw materials for vitamins

For the production of vitamins, we use both synthetic and natural raw materials which undergo mandatory quality control. A certain stock is kept directly at the plant, which ensures uninterrupted production as well as makes it possible to fulfill urgent customer orders.