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Our factory for the production of dietary supplements and creams is located in Latvia and operates according to European Union standards. Qualified employees, well-honed operating procedure, an established product line, experience in promoting private labels in different countries – all of this to quickly bring your product to the market.

We provide any services of the contract manufacturing of creams and dietary supplements – from formulation development to delivery to your warehouses. We draw up necessary documents, advise you at all stages and ensure the safety of your commercial confidentiality.

You will be able to focus on product promotion as we will take care of the rest.

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Forms of products

Modern equipment for mixing, tableting and encapsulation makes it possible to produce dietary supplements of various forms upon request:

  • Tablets: effervescent, round, oval;
  • Capsules and dragees: hard and soft (with liquid content);
  • Liquid dietary supplements: solutions, syrups, tinctures, extracts;
  • Creams, gels, ointments, balms;
  • Powders

Volumes of orders

We produce pilot and continuous batches of food additives and cosmetics. We work with both minor and major customers.

Per day we can release:

  • 33 000 tubes of effervescent tablets;
  • 8 600 capsule packages;
  • 3 800 bottles of powders;
  • 56 000 sachets.


All factory employees – chemists and laboratory assistants, technologists and analysts, engineers and mechanics – have specialized education and experience in the production of dietary supplements and cosmetics. They regularly undergo recertification and advanced training.


Production of creams and food supplements is a technologically complex process, the standards of which are constantly changing. Therefore, in our production department, there is only modern certified equipment that meets international requirements and regularly undergoes maintenance and testing.

Raw materials

In the dietary supplements market, products made from natural ingredients are in demand. Therefore, we keep a constant supply of extracts of medicinal plants, amino acids, vitamins, microelements – from popular to rare which are used as wow components.

This allows high volume manufacturing, rush orders and recipe changes without stopping production.

All raw materials are subject to mandatory control upon arrival at the warehouse and during storage.


Production of dietary supplements requires special attention to suppliers. We maintain a database of verified contractors, from which you can choose the one suitable for your project and volumes.


Raw materials, manufactured goods and packaging are stored in our warehouses under optimal conditions. We are fully responsible for their safety.

Quality control

Production of dietary supplements upon request is impossible without multi-stage quality control. We are guided by international standards, in particular TR CU 021/2011, GMP, HACCP (ISO 22000: 2018) and ISO 9001: 2015.

At each stage of production, we conduct laboratory tests of the goods for compliance with the formulation as well as sanitary and epidemiological standards.

Pre-packing and packaging

When packing the produced food supplements and creams, we use only those materials that are suitable for cosmetic and food products.

We will design and manufacture different types of primary and secondary packaging:

  • Blisters,
  • Strips,
  • Sticks,
  • Saches,
  • PET cans,
  • Glass bottles and vials,
  • Zip packages,
  • Flow packs,
  • Tubes for effervescent tablets,
  • Tubes and jars for creams,
  • Boxes,
  • Cardboard packs.

We make and pack sets and retail sets. We select group and transport packaging to ensure the complete safety of your goods upon delivery.

Why contract manufacturing

It does not matter if you are planning to organize the production of hand cream or weight loss powder – it is always resource-intensive. Rent of production departments, purchase of equipment, hiring and training of personnel, paperwork, filling out reports, conducting laboratory tests.

It is important to know not only the field of cosmetics and dietary supplements, but also the legislation of the countries you work with . Launch dates often get extended due to ignorance of minor nuances of legalization or force majeure.

Therefore, it is easier to delegate the production process – this way you get a product ready for sale faster. Also, you will be able to change the formulation and form of release or discontinue production without worrying about downtime of equipment and hired employees.

Therefore, contract manufacturing is the best choice. You will save resources and be able to focus on making a profit.

Our advantages

  • Full cycle of contract manufacturing of creams and dietary supplements
  • Transparent operating procedures and strict adherence to deadlines
  • Flexible terms of cooperation and advantageous offers
  • Laboratory production control and independent expertise
  • Modern equipment and work according to world standards
  • Quality raw materials and reliable suppliers
  • Our own warehouses for storing goods, packages and raw materials
  • International experience: we work all over the world
  • Employees with extensive experience in the production of dietary supplements
  • Good location from a logistic point of view

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