Formulation development laboratory

Formulation development is one of the longest stages in the production of dietary supplements and cosmetics. Therefore, our specialists create formulations we are truly confident about – all in the immediate vicinity of production departments.

We carry out necessary tests, make development prototypes and adjustments without wasting time waiting (which would be the case if we were working with intermediaries).

In the shortest possible time, our laboratory of dietary supplements will provide a unique formula that will meet your requirements and surely pass registration.

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What our laboratory does

Develops new formulations, creates analogs of existing products, adapts existing formulations to the legislation of specific countries. Finds components that have already been registered in order to register your product using a simplified procedure, without going through clinical trials.

Follows market trends and scientific developments, conducts its own research so that its additives and creams meet modern requirements.

Fully controls the manufacturing process. After all, the development and approval of a formulation is only part of the work. Each batch of raw materials and products of the factory must also be checked.

How we create formulations

Formulation development has several stages (approval is obligatory):

  • Blisters
  • Strips
  • Sticks
  • Sachet
  • Glass bottles and vials
  • Zip bags
  • Flow packs
  • Tubes for effervescent tablets
  • Cases
  • Cardboard packs

After that, you can register the formula yourself, file a patent and manufacture the product. You can also order these services from us.

We will keep your commercial confidentiality and provide advice at every stage.

Working with our laboratory for the development of dietary supplements, you will receive a unique formulation and intellectual property rights to it as soon as possible.

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