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Omega 3 manufacturing

The Latvian MillMax plant will help you set up the production of omega 3 - from specific processes to the manufacture of a turnkey supplement. Trust our experts to focus on product promotion and better prepare for market launch.

Private label omega 3 manufacturing

Do you have a great idea, but do not have the capacity to implement it? Contact MillMax to set up a private label production of omega 3. We will take control of absolutely all production processes - from formulation development to packaging of finished products. We will also help you register a trademark and obtain quality certificates.

Create a personal brand

Quality manufacturing

With MillMax, you will get a great product that will pass certification and will be welcomed by consumers since we control every stage of omega 3 production - from receiving raw materials to checking the finished batch. All employees of the plant are highly qualified and work with modern technological equipment.

Custom manufacturing

Customised production of omega 3 can be carried out on the basis of a contract, in an outsourcing format or under a private label. Regardless of which processes you decide to delegate to MillMax, you can always count on quality execution of them.

Contract manufacturing

Omega 3 contract manufacturing will allow you to outsource both individual steps of supplement production and the entire process to MillMax. We have all the necessary technologies, premises and personnel to create a quality product that will pass the necessary certification and will compete in the market.

Outsource manufacturing

Omega 3 production outsourcing allows you to make products more quickly and with better quality, because you will have technological equipment and experienced MillMax specialists at your disposal. You decide which production processes should be delegated to increase the profitability of your business.

Packing solutions

Packaging for omega 3 should not only preserve the integrity of the product, but also contain all important information - expiration date, ingredients, method of application, manufacturer's contacts. It is also important to attract the attention of consumers with a striking design - MillMax will help with that. As for the types of packaging, we produce omega 3 in blisters, strips, sticks, sachets, glass bottles and vials, zip bags, flow packs, tubes, cases and cardboard boxes.

Forms of products

The form of omega 3 release does not affect the properties of the product in any way, but consumers are more used to soft capsules. You can also order the release of products in the form of hard capsules, tablets, powder or liquid (solution, syrup or extract).

Best omega 3 production

All production processes for the creation of omega 3 - preparation and mixing of raw materials, tableting / encapsulation, picking and packaging - are carried out on modern equipment and in compliance with all necessary standards. Our products comply with European and international standards, which is confirmed by international certificates.

Best private label manufacturer of omega 3

How to choose the best private label omega 3 manufacturer? Pay attention to these points.

1. Quality production

High-quality production of omega 3 means good raw materials, experienced and qualified employees, modern equipment as well as mandatory control of all processes. The Latvian MillMax plant operates in accordance with EU standards, which guarantees the safety and quality of products.

2. Certification

In addition to the certificates required for the sale of omega 3 in the EU, MillMax will help to obtain additional ones. For example, Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Vegan are relevant for the vegetarian omega 3 option made from algae.

3. Creation of a personal brand

Creation of a personal brand for omega 3 includes market analysis, positioning development, naming, branding and promotion assistance. In addition, MillMax will assist with the legal side of the issue, for example, registering a trademark.

4. Work with any volume of production

MillMax works with any volume of omega 3 production and is ready to cooperate with both small and large customers. The production capacity of the plant allows the production of up to 10,000 units of the product per shift.

5. Formulation development

MillMax not only adapts recipes and creates analogues, but also develops new formulations for omega 3 supplements. Just indicate your requirements and wishes and we will select the necessary components ourselves, find suppliers, test samples and help to obtain certificates.

6. Standards

The production of omega 3 undergoes multi-stage control, which allows obtaining quality and safety guarantees - regulations (EU) No 178/2002, No 852/2004, No 853/2004, ISO 22000.

How to choose omega 3 packaging

When choosing the right packaging for omega 3, it is worth considering the shape of the product. In MillMax, these are tablets, capsules, dragees, powder and liquid forms. As for the packaging, you can choose from blisters, strips, sticks, sachets, glass bottles, zip bags, flow packs, tubes, cases and cardboard boxes.

Raw materials for omega 3

Traditionally, omega-3 supplements are made from fish oil, but now a vegetarian option made from algae is becoming very popular. Whichever option you choose, MillMax will find reliable suppliers who provide quality and completely natural raw materials.