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Vitamin B3 manufacturing

We undertake all processes for the production of vitamin B3: the selection of reliable suppliers of raw materials, development or adaptation of formulations, production and picking of products, creation of branded packaging. We also help to register a trade mark and to issue all necessary certificates of quality.

Private label vitamin B3 supplement manufacturing

Dreaming of launching your own vitamin B3 series, but not sure where to start? Entrust this private label to the MillMax manufacturer. Our experience, knowledge and production capacity will help to implement any of your ideas and you will be able to focus on promotion at this time.

Create a personal brand

Quality manufacturing

We carefully monitor every stage of vitamin B3 production - from the selection of raw materials suppliers to the delivery of the finished product to you. In our work, we use only advanced technologies and methods and this guarantees the safety of manufactured products as well as successful quality examinations.

Custom manufacturing

Outsourcing, contract or private label manufacturing are popular formats of cooperation with MillMax. Make a choice based on what stage your brand and the product are at.

Contract manufacturing

Contract MillMax and delegate manufacturing processes to create the Vitamin B3 range. You will save time, free yourself from unnecessary worries and at the same time get a high-quality, safe and competitive product.

Outsource manufacturing

You want to get a decent product, but do not have enough capacities and specialists? Use industrial outsourcing services and get quality vitamin B3. You can transfer to us any production processes or even the entire production cycle of a product.

Packing solutions

We will pack the finished vitamin B3 with high quality, ensuring the integrity and safety of the product. If you want to further interest your customers, we will develop branded packaging with a bright and attractive design.

Here are the types of packaging we work with:

  • Blisters,
  • Strips,
  • Sticks,
  • Sachet,
  • Glass bottles and vials,
  • Zip packages,
  • Flow packs,
  • Effervescent tablet tubes,
  • Cases,
  • Cardboard packs.

Forms of products

Although vitamin B3 works equally well in any form of release, it is convenient for everyone to take it in their own way. Therefore, the more variety a brand offers, the better. It can be:

  • Tablets: effervescent, round, oval;
  • Capsules and dragees: hard and soft (with liquid content);
  • Liquid forms: solutions, syrups, tinctures, extracts;
  • Powders.

Best vitamin B3 supplement manufacturing

For the production of vitamin B3, we use only high-tech modern equipment. Our employees are specialists with corresponding education and relevant experience. Therefore, all the vitamins we make are fully compliant with European and international quality certificates.

Best private label vitamin B3 supplement manufacturer

Looking for a contract manufacturer of vitamin B3 for your private label? Pay attention to these important points:

1. Quality manufacturing

MillMax takes the quality and safety of our products seriously. Therefore, all our employees are professionals in their field, the equipment is modern and the suppliers of raw materials are proven and reliable. In our work, we strictly adhere to all the norms and rules of the European Union, which means vitamin B3 produced by us is of high quality and completely safe.

2. Certification

With ready-made Vitamin B3, you will receive all the certifications you need to launch your product. We will also help you to get additional ones - Vegan, Non-GMO, Gluten-free, Lactose-free, EU Organic Bio and others.

3. Build a personal brand

Want to highlight your vitamin B3 range? You need a strong personal brand and we can help you with that by:

  • conducting a marketing analysis of the market,
  • developing effective naming,
  • creating a vivid design of the vitamin B3 packaging.
4. Work with all volumes

We work with orders of any size - both small and huge quantities. MillMax capacities allow producing up to 10,000 product units per shift.

5. Formulation development

To produce vitamin B3, we can:

  • develop a completely new formula,
  • create an analogue of an existing one,
  • adapt the formulation to the legislation of a particular country.

Tell us about your goals - and we will find the best cooperation option for you.

6. Standards

MillMax closely monitors every stage of vitamin B3 production, guided by regulations No 178/2002, No 852/2004, No 853/2004, ISO 22000.

How to choose packaging for vitamin B3

Vitamin B3 can be produced in any form (tablets, capsules, dragees, powder or liquid). Therefore, the packaging can be in the form of blisters, strips, sticks, sachets, glass bottles, zip bags or flow packs - it all depends on the form of the product you choose.

Raw materials for vitamin B3

When producing vitamin B3, we give preference to natural ingredients of both plant and animal origin. All raw materials undergo strict quality control and many components are stored directly in our warehouses, which allows us to fulfill even the most urgent customer orders.