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Vitamin B6 manufacturing

MillMax, a Latvian plant, will undertake the full cycle of vitamin B6 manufacturing - from choosing a reliable supplier of raw materials to picking and packaging the finished product. Our company operates in accordance with the norms and standards of the European Union, therefore, all products have appropriate quality certificates.

Private label vitamin B6 supplement manufacturing

Want to launch your own vitamin B6 line? MillMax experience and manufacturing facilities are at your service. We will develop a formulation and manufacture vitamin B6 for your private label and, if necessary, we will help with TM registration, branding and obtaining certificates.

Create a personal brand

Quality manufacturing

Each stage of vitamin B6 manufacturing is carried out under our control and in accordance with EU regulations - from checking raw materials to packaging of finished products. With MillMax, you do not have to independently organize processes, understand the qualifications of employees or worry about the quality of the finished product.

Custom manufacturing

MillMax manufactures vitamin B6 in such cooperation formats as outsourcing, contract and private label production. If you have an idea for a product or even a registered trademark, contact our specialists to find the best model of work.

Contract manufacturing

Under the contract, MillMax will take over any production processes. This way you can optimize resources, focus on promoting your vitamin B6 and still be confident in the quality of the finished or intermediate product.

Outsource manufacturing

Lack of capacity and qualified personnel for the production of vitamin B6? Outsource your manufacturing process or steps to accelerate time to market.

Packing solutions

Vitamin B6 packaging must preserve the integrity of the product and contain all the necessary information about the composition, purpose, manufacturer and shelf life.

With MillMax, you can put your vitamins in:

  • Blisters,
  • Strips,
  • Sticks,
  • Sachet,
  • Glass bottles and vials,
  • Zip packages,
  • Flow packs,
  • Effervescent tablet tubes,
  • Cases,
  • Cardboard packs.

Forms of products

Vitamin B6 can be made in any form. Choose the desired release form or offer your customers several options to increase your sales:

  • Tablets: effervescent, round, oval;
  • Capsules and dragees: hard and soft (with liquid content);
  • Liquid forms: solutions, syrups, tinctures, extracts;
  • Powders.

Best vitamin B6 supplement manufacturing

MillMax cooperates only with qualified specialists and vitamin B6 is produced using the most modern equipment. This approach to work helps to obtain the necessary European and international quality certificates.

Best private label vitamin B6 supplement manufacturer

Are you choosing a manufacturer of vitamin B6 for your private label? Make sure it meets these criteria:

1. Quality

Each MillMax employee has a specialized education and relevant work experience. The raw materials from which vitamin B6 is produced are of high quality and proven. The equipment on which everything is created is modern. All our products comply with European Union standards. This is confirmed by the quality certificates that you receive with the finished vitamin.

2. Certification

Show how your vitamin B6 range differs from the competitor’s offers. Additional international certificates will help you with this - Vegan, Non-GMO, Gluten-free, Lactose-free, EU Organic Bio and others.

3. Build a personal brand

It is not enough just to produce quality vitamin B6 to get the attention of potential customers. You need a strong brand and Millmax will:

  • conduct an analysis of the market,
  • develop effective naming,
  • create a striking design of vitamin B6 packaging.
4. Work with all volumes

MillMax works with orders of any sizeю Our production capacity allows us to produce up to 10,000 product units per shift.

5. Formulation development

Tell us what characteristics your line of vitamin B6 should have and based on your wishes, we will:

  • develop a completely new formula of vitamins,
  • create an analogue of an existing one,
  • adapt the formulation to the legislation of a particular country.
6. Standards

The company is responsible for the quality of the developed vitamin B6, therefore each stage of production is carried out under our strict control. We follow European regulations No 178/2002, No 852/2004, No 853/2004, ISO 22000.

How to choose packaging for vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 can be produced in capsule, tablet, dragee, powder, or liquid form. The following options are available for packaging - blisters, strips, sticks, sachets, ampoules, glass bottles, zip bags, flow packs, tubes, cases and cardboard boxes.

Raw materials for vitamin B6

Raw materials for vitamin B6 are made from natural ingredients of plant and animal origin. Each batch undergoes many quality and safety tests, so you can be sure of the quality of the finished product.